Large Framed Picture

by Just Beachy by Sarah By Sarah Platt




These adorable  framed works of art are approximately 11″ x 11″.  Sarah uses paint, beach glass & beads for her designs. Designs may vary slightly. Each piece is unique. Choose from a heart, shamrock, pear, or bunny!

Just Beachy by Sarah By Sarah Platt

Sarah lives in Hudson, Ohio with her mom, dad, sister Emily and dog Hercules. She is a 2017 graduate of Hudson High School. She is an athlete with Special Olympics participating in track, swimming & bowling. She also plays tennis with BuddyUp. Sarah dreams of moving to Hollywood and being a television and movie star one day. Sarah & her family spend as many weekends as possible on Kelley’s Island, Ohio and a lot of time collecting rocks, beach glass and pottery! This business is truly a family affair, when extended family comes to the island they also help find beautiful materials for Sarah to use. Sarah’s dad tumbles the rocks and pebbles for Sarah’s necklaces and the beach glass is naturally tumbled by the motion of the water in Lake Erie. Sarah collects in the summer and make beautiful jewelry in the winter!