Table Runner

by For Keeps by Nina


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When Nina was in kindergarten she made a table runner for Thanksgiving. Every November she and her family wrote the year with their names and what they were thankful for that year. You can preserve your memories using Nina’s table runners for all occasions. Each one is hand-stamped by Nina and measures approximately 48″ in length. Runners come with a permanent marker and suggested tips to make your occasion special.

For Keeps by Nina

Nina Ackerman loves a party and accepts any excuse to celebrate! Although Nina loves a good bash, she is especially fond of her birthday & Halloween. She begins planning for next year's cake or costumer the very next day and talk about them throughout the year. The idea for For Keeps began in 2006 when Nina made her first table runner in kindergarten during a class Thanksgiving project. The addition of more occasions for the runners came naturally with her joy of all holidays and their traditions. It all makes sense, considering Nina was born on a holiday...the Fourth of July!